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Mother's day at Brent Cross

Gifts ideas for mums, by mums

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We’re celebrating the rollercoaster world of motherhood: from the exhilarating, exhausting and (sometimes) downright bizarre job of being a mum. We wouldn’t change you for the world! ​To make sure our Mother’s Day 2018 gift guide really hit the mark this year, we asked you guys to take time out from having eyes in the back of your head to tell us what you’re REALLY after. And, in true witty form, you answered. ​Enter our ultimate Mother’s Day gift ideas guide. Now all you need to do is indulge in some not-so subtle gift hinting.

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There’s no household quite like a germ-ridden household. Coughing, spluttering, the odd groan – and that’s just you. ​Poorly kids need plenty of TLC because nothing makes you feel better than a bear hug from mum. And once everyone’s sprightly again, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your snot-stained hoodie to some ultra-chic knitwear, like this Autograph pure Cashmere jumper £99, M&S

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You know that much-needed coffee you made 45 minutes ago? The one before kiddo decided they needed to build dens and have an in-depth discussion about dinosaurs? ​Life’s too short for cold coffee, so leave them practicing their roars and enjoy your cuppa! Get your caffeine fix with this stylish Copper cafetière and coffee cups, £35, M&S.

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We all overindulge sometimes but, ask any mum, and they’ll say you have no idea how bad your hangover is until you have to be hungover and a fully functioning mum at the same time.

No, we can’t take back that fourth glass of Prosecco, but we can give your peaky pallor a pick-me-up with this Clarins Detox Booster, £30, Boots.

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We’ve heard it all, ‘Before I had children I was so selfish. I showered everyday’. Well, it’s time to take back some well-deserved me time! ​Grab The Ritual of Sakura large gift set, £39.50, Rituals which includes their shower foam and body cream, crank the hot water up and relax. Its sweet-smelling aromas of cherry blossom and rice milk will have you refreshed and ready for another round of soft play in a flash.

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​ Ever heard the parenting quote, ‘if you’re not tired, you’re not doing it right’? We wholeheartedly agree. ​It’s exhausting keeping your terrors healthy and happy. And that’s not mentioning sleepless nights sharing your bed with a small wriggling person. ​Look fabulous while surviving on five hours’ kip with these Gucci sunglasses, £165, Sunglass Hut designer sunglasses. Get exclusive offers and freebies by signing up to the Brent Cross PLUS app. For the latest news, subscribe to our email alerts.