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Places to eat comfort food in Brent Cross

Comfort food for winter

As the chilly weather kicks in, we turn to comfort food to warm ourselves up. What could be better than tucking into something hearty on a cold evening? Whether you're after a burger, fish and chips or a big serving of cheesy lasagne, there’s soul food for everyone at Brent Cross – it’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Asian-style curry

Winner, winner chicken dinner. Hit the cosy jackpot with the classic Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry from Wagamama at Brent Cross. It’s a crispy breaded deep-fried chicken cutlet slathered with silky luxurious curry sauce served over a bed of fluffy rice. Offering crunch, spice and sauce, this is food that’ll keep you going all winter long.

Asian chicken curry with white rice
Wagamama’s Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry

All American burger

One look at The Taxidriver burger, available at Brent Cross GBK, and it just screams comfort. A mouth-watering prime beef patty, grilled cheese and toasted bun? Say no more. Give in to that all-American goodness and prepare to roll your eyes back in bliss. A word of warning, though: bring napkins.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen beef burger with grilled cheese and toasted bun
GBK’s The Taxidriver American burger

Classic Italian dishes

Carb-loading is the perfect prescription for cold weather. Feast your eyes on the Carluccio’s pasta menu at Brent Cross – it’ll keep you warm and bring pure joy to your mouths. Do as the Italians do and order the Lasagne. Slurp up satisfying handmade pasta drenched in cheese, rich ragu and smooth béchamel sauce. Bella!

Handmade Italian lasagne with cheese rich ragu and bechamel sauce
Carluccio’s Lasagne

Top fish and chips

There’s a reason why classics are classics for a reason. Keep a good thing going by helping yourself to one of the nation’s favourite dish. That’s right, we’re talking about good ol’ fish and chips. Head to Three at Fenwick and get your fix of crispy golden batter, fluffy chunky chips, the option of mushy peas plus a sprinkling of vinegar.

Moreish veggie dishes

Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice! Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. Comfort food can be just as comforting, if not more, without the meat. If you’re looking for veggie versions of classic dishes, make your way to Leon at Brent Cross and give their meatless meatballs a try. Made with aubergine and served with a vegan garlic aioli, they’re deliciously moreish.

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