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Car Services

Electric Vehicle Charging

Find electric vehicle charging on level 2 of the Red multi-storey car park.  Our electric charging points are powered by 100% renewable energy so users can feel good that their driving is powered by the sun, the wind or the sea! 

Tesla Supercharging
There are 2 bays available for Tesla supercharging. These are available 24 hours a day free of charge. If you wish to use these charging facilities outside of centre opening hours, you should enter the centre car park via Fenwick. 
If you need any assistance you should use the direct helpline for Tesla supercharging: 0800 358 5774
Polar Charging
There are 6 bays for standard electric vehicle charging (Type 2 socket and 7kW output). Our charging points belong to the POLAR charging network, the largest charge point operator in the country and are suitable for all common electric vehicles and hybrids. These are available during centre opening hours.
If you should need any assistance you can contact the 24 hour helpline: 0330 016 5126

Car Wash & Valet

You’ll find American Carwash attendants in the John Lewis and Fenwick car parks.  There is also a roaming service visiting other free customer car parks around the Centre. 

You can also find their valeting service on Level 2 of the multi-story car park. You can choose either an interior or exterior valet or a full valet.  Please allow up to six hours for the full valet service and up to 4 hours for a partial valet.

The American Carwash Company uses a waterless cleaning technique that is environmentally-friendly and good for your car’s paintwork. Open during centre opening hours.

Damage Repair

PaintChip’s expertly trained staff will be able to offer instant repairs within a couple of hours instead of days like conventional bodyshops at rates that are about half the cost compared to a standard bodyshop.
To schedule an appointment or to receive an estimate, please call 03333 233 237, visit or feel free to visit in person.

Opening times
Monday–Friday   10:00am–6.30pm
Saturday   9.30am–5.30pm
Sunday   11:30–5:00pm

MOT & Servicing

Why not book your car in for an MOT and then enjoy a day out with friends? Our convenient location at Brent Cross means that you can have your vehicle repaired at your convenience. Speedy Motors provide all the requirements for your car including: MOT, Servicing, Diagnostic Technology, Mechanical Repairs, AC Servicing & Re-Gassing, Tyres & Wheel Balancing, Vehicle Bodywork, Car Sales.
To schedule an appointment or to receive an estimate, please call 0208 202 8383

Opening Times
Monday–Friday   8.00am–6.00pm
Saturday   8.00am–4.00pm
Sunday   Closed

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