Brent Cross

The Place to Eat, John Lewis

Opening Times

  1. Mon - Closed
  2. Tue - Closed
  3. Wed - Closed
  4. Thu - Closed
  5. Fri - Closed
  6. Sat - Closed
  7. Sun - Closed


The perfect place for a late breakfast, a glass of wine or a healthy lunch for you and your children. You'll find our Place to Eat on Level 3 inviting and relaxing, with plenty of seating. Breakfast is served until 11.30am and hot food is available until 3pm. Enjoy soup, sandwiches and salads.  The Place to Eat is also licensed, and serves a range of wines. We also offer a takeaway drinks service, so you can enjoy your drink on the move. We have a children's menu: for £4.50, choose 6 items from the following: sandwiches, crisps, carrots & houmous, fruit, yogurt and milk, juice or water.

020 8202 6535