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Nativity Naivety

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20% of children think Jesus Christ is a footballer for Chelsea FC

More than half of children think Christmas Day is Santa Claus' birthday

30% of children think Chanukah is a Japanese cartoon

A shocking 52% of the nation's children believe that Christmas is Father Christmas' birthday, a survey has revealed today. The research, commissioned by Brent Cross shopping centre, reveals that children in the UK now struggle with the basics of the nativity story, with Christmas time becoming simply about Santa and receiving gifts rather than celebrating its true meaning.   

Despite nativity plays taking place at schools across the country, 1 in 5 children (20%) think that Jesus Christ is in fact a footballer for Chelsea FC. The nativity story appears to cause confusion for most, with 35% of kids believing that Jesus was born in the South Pole, 27% under the impression that he was born in a church and 10% thinking Rudolph the reindeer was present in the stable when Jesus was born.

It seems that the birth of Jesus is not the only element of the nativity scene causing confusion amongst the nation's children, with a quarter (25%) believing that the shepherds found Jesus using Google Maps and 15% claiming that the Three Kings gave Jesus a wand, tiara and wings as gifts to celebrate his birth.

The research, conducted to demonstrate the importance of the meaning of the festive season, also revealed that 30% of children in the UK think that Chanukah is in fact a Japanese cartoon, rather than the Jewish festival of light which coincides with Christmas in the calendar.

To ensure that children understand the true meaning of Christmas, Brent Cross shopping centre will be putting nativity knowledge to the test outside their grotto this Christmas. Prior to seeing Santa, visitors will be quizzed on a series of festive questions in order to demonstrate that the day is about more than mince pies and presents.

Nativity Trivia - as seen in the Daily Mail - will be taking place at Brent Cross shopping centre on December 16th. Take your turn at the Grotto on the Lower Mall.  


Research conducted between 15 November and 01 December 14 by Mortar with 1000 respondents (aged 5-12 years old). Nativity Trivia is available while stocks last. visits to the Grotto booked separately. Groups of more than eight need to book in advance. 


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