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Brent Cross Interiors by Catwalk School Gates

When I was asked to review the interior shops at Brent Cross, I jumped at the chance as summer is truly here and I needed a complete revamp of my outdoor homewares.

I wanted a one-stop-shop to find everything in one place and with lots of fully stocked interior shops from Anthropologie to Duka, John Lewis and the ever useful Lakeland, Brent Cross has so many well priced options.

What did I find?

-         Anthropologie is the top place to visit to add that VA VA VOOM to your home.  It is the use of colour and the finish that sets this brand apart.  It is also my go to brand for presents and gifts, from these serving utensils, to a selection of new cups, and a rug to finish everything off.

-         With Sports Day picnics coming up I was looking for a new picnic basket and I found it at Duka, the price point is so affordable and the quality next to none. I also stocked up on cooling bottles and new wine glasses. We live on smoothies and the plastic glass and straw bottles are so well priced yet the quality is spot on.

-         The school holidays are soon upon us and at Lakeland I found a yoghurt maker, which will keep the kids busy. I also bought loads of baking accessories as both my children love baking.

The sales teams in all the stores were so helpful and took time to look for the pieces in the stock room and genuinely seemed to have more pride in their work.  I know that this should be normal but you find good service less and less these days and therefore it was a breath of fresh air to meet teams who really knew the brands that they represented.

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