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New Wardrobe, New You!


Have you ever had Déjá vu? I'm sure everyone has had the feeling at least once in their life. After all, not every day can be new and exciting right? Ever stood in the mirror every day and seen yourself in the same outfit - you know its definitely a different set of clothes from yesterday, but it looks the same. The same shades - black, grey white, maybe a bit of burgundy and khaki thrown in for good measure. The same patterns, shape and style. That's wardrobe Déjá vu. If this sounds like you, trust me, there is a fix.

Here is when I met Charlotte - a personal shopper - who I tasked with overhauling my work wardrobe and bringing some much needed colour into my life! The result? I left Brent Cross with a few key items I would never have taken a second glance at, a whole host of inspiration immortalised on Pinterest and the knowledge that I had probably been buying clothes a size to big for the best part of my adult life. Almost a month later, and here I am wearing items of clothing I would not have put myself in before I met Charlotte.

Here is how she did it...


I was asked to fill in a brief questionnaire and send in 2 pictures of myself so Charlotte could get a good idea of what I was looking for, budget, what were my fashion loves and hates and what size and shape I am. It took 10 minutes, was relatively pain free and made me feel safe in the knowledge that I wasn't going to be forced to wear something I hated.

Note to self: Be truthful! I am a tomboy at heart, avoid patterns like the plague and live in my leather jacket, jeans and trainers. Charlotte essentially received a more detailed version of this statement, which formed the basis of her opinion of me - whether that's a good thing or not!


I met Charlotte outside of Topshop. We sat and spoke for around ten minutes about fashion, the process for the day and very briefly about anything that I would feel uncomfortable about showing, wearing or trying - to which the answer was "yes" - no crop-tops and no ruffles!

Then we were off! I talked and shook or nodded in dis/approval whilst Charlotte rustled through clothes finding my sizes and persuaded me to try a rather colourful floral top and a polka-dot, floaty ruffled dress amongst a mountain of other clothes to complete the outfits. We hit three shops in two hours: Topshop, H&M and Miss Selfridge...and I bought from all of them.

The changing rooms became a mini studio/photo-shoot as Charlotte gave me tips on the best colours to use with my skin tone, showed me how to style those ruffles and florals to give them a more edgy/ tomboy look and took photos for a personal Pinterest board she creates for each of her clients so they can take their inspiration home with them. She even showed me how different my entire demeanour and posture was when I wore one of those baggy jumpers I adore!
In the end the two hours flew by and were pretty easy - all I had to do was pay for the items I wanted, Charlotte did the rest.


Shortly after our session, I received an invitation to share a Pinterest board which had all of my favourite outfits from the day on there as well as some of Charlotte's inspiration tips and pictures on best ways to wear different items to get the look I wanted. I am still looking at this board to see what shoes to wear with a dress or skirt, how to accessorise certain tops and how on earth do I wear a choker!? It is an added extra to the session which makes the money spent so worth it. The pictures and tips on that board are a constant confidence boost and reminder that I can wear things out of my comfort zone!




Sitting here writing this piece in a skirt and floral shirt, the entire experience was eye opening to say the very least! Charlotte's knowledge and kindness made me so comfortable with trying something new that, in the end I bought a skirt, top, dress, denim jacket, a few accessories and two pairs of patterned work trousers. I spent around £175 - £25 over my original budget. I even went back to Topshop a week later to buy that ruffled polka-dot dress when they had it in my size. For anyone bored of their wardrobe or just looking for that 1 perfect outfit, this experience is definitely what you need. Now for the hard part - to keep challenging my wardrobe to be different everyday.

For more information, prices and to book with Charlotte Smith Styling visit her website here.


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