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Vanessa Feltz at Brent Cross

Vanessa Feltz Blog Post

I remember my first visit to Brent Cross shopping centre when I was just 14 years old, and I can still remember how wonderful it was to have so many shops in one place.

Forty years later, and I've been visiting ever since! I have a real emotional connection to the centre and have often joked about having my ashes scattered there, so my family will always come and visit me!

When I think about it, every pivotal purchase I've made has come from Brent Cross, from my sofas from John Lewis to my table and chairs from Fenwick.

I've also made some more extravagant personal purchases at Brent Cross, lots of shoes from Russell & Bromley, and a brilliant sequin jacket from Faiman for my first stand-up show which is probably still hidden in my wardrobe somewhere!

As well as the great range of shops, visitors can also treat themselves to a host of food from around the world and I know a number of people who visit Brent Cross for the dining experience alone. Nandos is a favourite of my partner, Ben, but I love getting a sandwich on the go from Marks and Spencer and a Pret chocolate mousse to get my chocolate fix!

As much as I love all the shops and great places to eat, my favourite thing about Brent Cross has to be how friendly everyone is and how at home I feel walking around the centre. When I visit with my children and grandchildren, we always bump into people that I have known for years. It's a wonderful place for a family day out and a spot of retail therapy!

I feel so honoured to be a part of Brent Cross' 40th birthday celebrations and I really can't wait to see what the next 40 years brings!


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