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Your fake tanning commandments

Sunless tans have come a long way since the days of making you look like a piece of streaky bacon. Now your spray tan can offer you so much more than just a golden glow – it can give you ‘airbrushed’ skin, and even create the illusion of defined abs. And clever formulation advances mean you can now get an instant tan while you shower, or even get your glow on 15 minutes before you leave the house for a hot date.
Ever wanted J-Lo’s gym-bunny abs? Well, lean in. Tan-touring (contouring using fake tan) has been having a moment in salons for a while now, but with a little practice and a blusher brush you can do this at home.

Apply fake tan all over, let it dry, then dip a blusher brush in tinted fake tan and draw a straight line from the centre of your cleavage to your navel. Create an hourglass shape by drawing a crescent on either side of your navel – from the rib cage to the hip bones – and continue to overlap the lines, getting wider and wider as you overlap, to give yourself a rounded, feminine shape.

Make sure you always use a tinted formulation to do this – so you can see where you’re applying it –and only use a small amount of product, gently building it up.  

Try this: James Read Coconut Melting Face & Body Tanning Balm, £150ml, £30, John Lewis
Don’t let a little thing like never having a spare moment to yourself get in the way of achieving that golden glow. Just self tan when you take your morning shower. There are plenty of creamy in-shower formulas that will add a hint of colour to your skin within minutes.

Try this: St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion, 200ml, £14.50, Boots
Who doesn’t love a multitasking beauty gem? Especially one that makes your skin look smooth and adds a sun-kissed hue. If you’re heading on holiday it’s the perfect space-saving beauty buy to stash in your suitcase.

Try this: Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age Serum 15ml, £29, Boots
The eau de biscuit days are long gone for eager fake tanners. Now you can have beautifully golden skin that’s gently scented with coconut, apple, rose or neroli. Who needs fragrance?  

Try this: Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tanning Oil, 13.99, Boots
If you’re heading to the beach and are concerned about blinding other sun worshippers with your milk bottle limbs, you’ll be especially pleased to hear that self tan now comes with added SPF. Just be sure to top up your sunscreen throughout the day!

Try this: Dior Bronze Beautifying Protective Crème Sublime Glow SPF50, £24.50, Selfridges and Debenhams

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