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If you’re looking for at-home exercise inspiration, look no further than FIRST:MOVES, whose first UK store opens in Brent Cross on 9 December. (First sentence to be amended on 9th December to read …. If you’re looking for at-home exercise inspiration, look no further than FIRST:MOVES, whose first UK store is now open at Brent Cross. ) Trailblazers in the field of light-enhanced exercise, FIRST:MOVES harnesses the combined power of light and exercise to awaken your senses and transform the way you feel about your workout. Cycling is FIRST:MOVES’ first love, and this has led to the creation of a unique, light-enhanced bike which is available now for purchase. Visitors to the Brent Cross store will be able to experience for themselves the changing colour of the flywheel and indicator which, by reflecting your heart rate and power zones as you cycle, allows FIRST:MOVES instructors to guide you through effective workouts that bring you the results you want, just as if they were in the room with you. Complementing the bike is a FIRST:MOVES app – also on-show at the store – where live streamed and on-demand cycling classes are just part of an exciting schedule that also includes yoga, HIIT and boxing classes, as well as a fantastic range of audio workouts: RIDE, OUTSIDE RUNNING, TREADMILL Workouts, In The Gym Workouts, MEDITATION, YOGA and Walking. Filmed at the FIRST:MOVES London studio, a huge wall of light is the backdrop to every class. This sunlight simulation technology harnesses the feelgood power of the sun to instantly boost your physical and mental health, as well as naturally optimising your performance. It’s about empowerment, motivation and results. It’s about building physical and mental resilience, so you can handle whatever life throws your way. And it’s about enjoying the journey, feeling alive in both mind and body. Visit the store today and see for yourself how a FIRST:MOVES membership could fill your at-home workouts with an uplifting, infectious, light-fuelled energy that inspires you to be your best.