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Massage Angel massages are designed to deliver maximum results in a short period of time to leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Life in London is full-on and nearly everyone suffers from stress, anxiety or fatigue whether a new mother, a business executive or a flustered shopper; Massage Angels is the perfect solution to restoring your calm in under 10 minutes. Many customers feel the benefit of managing their physical and emotional well-being through massage and that’s why the Massage Angels service is enjoyed by hundreds of customers every week in Brent Cross.  Our 7 – 10 minute Indian Head Massage routine is delivered by professional therapists and designed to fit within the rhythm of your daily life.  The masseurs aim to energise and de-stress you, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated. The massages first works on releasing tension built up in the shoulders and upper back, melting away your thoughts through heavenly pampering of the head and neck before finishing off with invigorating strokes to put a spring back into your stride. Massage Angels is so confident in their service that you pay what you think it’s worth!