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About Truviv

Why choose our products?

1. Excellent quality - The products provided by Truviv LTD are made with top quality materials that guarantee durability over the years.  We truly believe in brand quality and that explains why our company name Truviv was inspired by True Vitality and True Living. That said, we collaborate with some of the most reputable fitness and health companies across Europe and the Far East in a bid to provide our clients with the best modern, health and wellbeing equipment and apparels.

2. Convenient and Easy to use - Aside with their excellent quality, Truviv products are also quite convenient and easy to use. For instance, it’s possible to use our Massagers anytime and anywhere to reduce stress, tension, and fatigue. Moreover, all our products are portable, making it possible for our clients to always take them with them wherever they are going to.

3. Affordable - Truviv products are equally highly affordable. We care about health and wellbeing and that’s why we have dedicated resources to provide our clients with the most amazing health and fitness products at extremely moderate prices. With Truviv products, you will stay healthy and happy, without having to break a bank.

4. Safe - Truviv products are also one of the safest in the market. Our products are not only designed by the best professionals in the field, but they have equally been tested and certified safe. Our mission is to promote good health, hence, we dedicate our efforts and resources to provide the best of the best fitness and wellness apparels to our clients.

5. Excellent customer service staff - Above all, we have a world class and dedicated customer service staff who are ever eager to respond to the queries, concerns, and questions of clients. We believe in customer satisfaction and we always put our clients first since they are QUEENS and KINGS. This, therefore, explains why we survey our clients regularly in a bid to continue to monitor how well our products are being appreciated.